Daily Happenings


Saturday, October 18th 2014 - A Day of Favor!!

Today CCCNH had the pleasure of having 2 students from SAC, Mr. Nicholas Fox and Kyle Turnquest performing community service hours here at our facility. These young men were excellent in their deportment of themselves and their assigned duties - see photos below showing them hard at work.







God has once again blessed the residents of CCCNH! Today He used His angels "The Ladies of Camelot, Chapter 202, these ladies came bearing gift boxes filled with food items and much cleaning supplies. Thank you Lord and Thank you Ladies of Camelot. Sisters present for this special presentation was Worthy Matron - Ronique Mortimer, Sisters Dellareece Darville, Monique Fernander, Jinaki Major, Shirlean Murphy, Olive Hanna, Tamika Bodie and Latoya Minns - Thank you Ladies!







Wednesday, October 08th 2014

Residents of Coastline Community Care Nursing Home Celebrated with The National Insurance Board on NIB 40th Anniversary




A Special Thank You to Ports International Ltd. for their continuous generosity to the residents of CCCNH. Seen below is a generous donation of Admission Kits and other items donated by Ports to CCCNH.

Thank You Ports for your continuous and always timely donations.





Birthdays Celebrated at Coastline Community Care Nursing Home during the month of August 2015

Photo's of Annie Gilbert's Special Day - celebrated with friends and family.













Photo's of Louise McSweeney's Special Day







Thursday, Oct. 25th 2017

The Royal Bahamas Defense Force, Petty Officers Leadership Group - 02/17, today gave unselfishly of themselves at CCCNH.

Group Participants included:








Michael Lightbourne

Michael Sealy

Kenneth Walker

Anoush Gould

Acadia Smith

Cravin McDonald

Dwayne Gray

Clarence Nottage

Winston Bethel

Sharvin Rolle

Raquel Fowler

Ricardo Rodgers

Charles Edgecombe

Kevin Dames